Don't Know how you're gifted yet?


We have Divine Design assessments that can help you discover your spiritual gifts.


Complete and submit your assessment online, by following the links below. 

Assessment #1

Spiritual Gift                                                   Take the assessment »                    (Approximate time: 30 minutes)

Assessment #2

Myers-Briggs Inventory                               Take the assessment »                    (Approximate time: 15 minutes)

Assessment #3

Six Evangelistic Styles                                  Take the assessment »                     (Appoximate time: 5 minutes)

Assessment #4

APEST Test                                                       Take the assessment »                     (Approximate time: 10 minutes)


If you would prefer a hardcopy of the Divine Design, you can pick-up a copy at our next Sunday Gathering from the Compass Connect table.



Finished Your Divine Design?

Once you've completed your Divine Design, please share it with us!
We'll send you a customized report and keep track of it for future reference.