Partnership is a covenant with our church community towards seeing the Kingdom of God expand in the city of Regina and beyond.

The Compass Church exists to point people to Jesus making disciples who KNOW, LIVE and ADVANCE the Gospel. We seek to make the name of Jesus great and to bring to the people of our city the good news of Jesus Christ.

To become a Compass Partner, there are four steps that need to be completed. Steps 1 - 3 will all be completed online, and Step 4 is a follow-up Interview.

Before you begin this process, we ask that you be a regular attender at one of The Compass Church locations for a minimum of six months.

Step 1

Carefully review the following documents about our Foundation Teaching, Statement of Faith, and Partnership Covenant documents.

At the end of each document, you will affirm that you agree with the statements. After reading and affirming these six documents, you can move on to Step 2.


A)  Why Partnership

Read and affirm »

B)  Why Partnership Matters

Read and affirm »

C)  What is a Covenant

Read and affirm »

D)  What Does It Mean To Be "On Mission"

Read and affirm »


A)  Open and Closed Handed Beliefs
What we believe

Read and affirm »

B)  Statement of Faith
How we seek to live it out (KNOW, LIVE and ADVANCE)

Read and affirm »

Step 2

Getting to Know You and How You Are Uniquely Gifted

During this step, you’ll take four different assessments to give us an indication of your gifting, strengths, and general overview of your personality. This is really useful as we help you determine the best fit within The Compass Church, to serve and use your unique gifting.

Assessment #1

Spiritual Gift     Take the assessment »
(Appoximate time: 30 minutes)

Assessment #2

Myers-Briggs Inventory     Take the assessment »
(Appoximate time: 15 minutes)

Assessment #3

Six Evangelistic Styles     Take the assessment »
(Appoximate time: 5 minutes)

Assessment #4

APEST Test     Take the assessment »
(Appoximate time: 10 minutes)

Step 3

Partnership Form

Please affirm your partnership by submitting the Partnership form.

Step 4

Follow-up Interview

Your GPS Missional Community leader and/or Pastor will follow-up with you to schedule an interview. This will generally take between 2-4 weeks because we have a lot of people entering the process at this time. Thanks for your patience!

Once approved, you will be made an official Compass Partner!